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From the inventor of the original Krieger Tidal Chronometer, this remarkable application tells the tide, and is going to change the lives of anyone with an interest in water-oriented activity. This application tidal watch face provides an easy and instant graphic approach to tide info, sun and moon information. GPS based, Tidal Chronoscope display actually shows you the current state of the tides and also the moon phase at your location. Included is the optional Lunar Chronoscope face which shows you the moon phase, moonrise and moonset, moon over, moon under and position of the moon in the sky. And the Solar Chronoscope which indicate sunrise and sunset and position in the sky.

Instantly updating and utilizing the GPS function, you will have a graphic depiction of the tides, your current location or the station of your choice; along with the moon phase to enable you to instantly predict Neap and Spring tides. Knowing the relative position of the moon/tide indicator provides instant recognition of the state of the tides without having to do mental calculations. Our current data base accesses over 9400 US and worldwide tide station.

You can even manually set the Tidal Chronoscope for up to 7 days in advance for your current location, or for a location of your choice.

Turn the page and you will have detailed information of precise tide times, moonrise, moonset, sunrise and sunset for your location. Slide the Info page and you have 6 additional and consecutive days of tide, moon and sun events.

Support and Contact

Our team invented and created the tide watch over 25 years ago. And for quarter of a century our graphic approach to measuring the tides has been the often copied but never duplicated. And now our design experience with tide watches brings you this Application. We value your input. So, if there is anything we can do to improve this Application, we welcome your remarks at support@chronglobal.com.