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Since the beginning of time, man has been at the mercy of the tides. It is only in the past couple of centuries that we have come to an understanding of this natural phenomenon and become masters of our own destiny at sea.

Yet it is only now, with the advent of a remarkable new application for your mobile device, that professional yachtsmen and mariners of all kinds will be given a freedom and flexibility they have never known before.

This remarkable application is the ChronGlobal Tide Chronoscope for your mobile device. It is the first application that tells the tides in the simplicity of a graphic depiction of tide events in a watch format. And it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s going to change the lives of anyone with an interest in water-oriented activity. Not just fishermen, boaters, sailors or mariners. But divers, surfers and even shell collectors.

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Time and date.
Tide values.
Sun and moon postition.


Find the nearest harbor starting taken from your current location.
Choose among more than 9400 station from all over the world.

Customize your watch

Define your own look for ChronGlobal, use our themes and backgrounds.